Give as you Live adds 40 new retailers

We know that the more retailers we can partner with, the easier it is for shoppers to raise money for their favourite cause. Every month we are working to add the best brands and top retailers to our growing list of over 1,250 online stores.

This week, we are pleased to be adding 40 new retailers including:

Feather & Black
Gives up to 3.00%
Mamas & Papas
Gives up to 3.00%
Premier Inn
Gives up to 2.50%
Racing Green
Gives up to 3.50%
Smythson of Bond Street
Gives up to 4.00%
Truffle Shuffle
Gives up to 6.00%

Whether it’s a night away, a special gift or a must have for your family, we want to ensure every time you shop online it’s an opportunity to raise money for free. All of the new retailers are now live, so when you use Give as you Live you will benefit automatically from our new retailers.

If you would like to request a special retailer to be included in the list of Give as you Live stores, please add your suggestions to the comments below and we will get to work!

Happy Shopping!