Give as you Live – An easy way to support my favourite cause

Name: Justin Weik
Profession: Arts & Cultural Solutions Account Executive
Location: London
Bio: I’m a private pilot living and working in London. I enjoy live music, travelling, theatre, sport and the occasional pub crawl!

My Give as you Live Experience: I was booking travel online for a client visit the other day and as I was on my browser asked me if I wanted to give a donation to my favourite charity. I wasn’t even aware that was signed up with Give as you Live, but having previously downloaded the App to my computer it popped up and informed me.

Of course I said YES and that was it… Effortless giving to fit into my everyday life. I received a thank you email today and another £3 has gone to my favourite charity, Aviation without Borders!

Thank you Give as you Live for making it so easy to support my favourite cause.

Justin W