Give as you Live Beta has launched

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Give as you Live has the ability to turn £1.25billion* of the £50billion** spent online every year into funds for deserving causes and charities in the UK, and we’re thrilled with the early response.

We know Give as you Live works best if the shopping experience is as smooth and intuitive as possible. To accomplish this, we need your help – our beta launch is all about listening to your feedback. Let us know what you think. What do you love? What do you wish the App did that it doesn’t currently do? What drives you nuts? The good, the frustrating and the questionable, we want to know what you think so far.

This blog is an open space for us to share the latest feedback and to offer you a peek into our development team’s to-do list. Here is where we will share soon to be released features, how we will tell you about new retailers and products coming online, and where we will be discussing the feedback we have received.

This week, a lot of the feedback is about concerns over how much space the App takes in the browser, and increasing the number of retailers and products available.

We heard you.

  • We’ve got an option to minimize the App coming online soon.
  • We are working to release the stores you want to buy from. During beta we are able to release only a small percentage of the retailers available, but when we launch Give as you Live there will be over 3.5 million products available. However, we need this to be a useful experience for you, so please let us know which products and retailers you would prefer to see featured and we’ll do our best to include them as soon as we can.

Have fun shopping.

* Based upon a 2.5% affiliate commission

** Source Forrester

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    Brandon del Santos

    14 September, 2010 at 13:24

    So far so good guys! I must say I have found the App very useful. Normally I use Quidco for shopping, but most of the time I forget that I can earn money back. This App is great as it pops up to remind me that I can earn money when I visit the shop.

    Very slick!


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    Polly G of Everyclick

    8 September, 2010 at 08:08

    Dear Ezra,

    Thank you for your feedback. We are in the process of designing a minimized version on the App that you can close and open at your convenience. Once minimized, rather than the full App appearing with every new search, the mini version of the App will still search with you, just in a much smaller and less intrusive design. This way the App will be with you as and when you need it, always enhancing your online shopping experience and always offering you the ability to raise funds for your favourite cause

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    Ezra Mordecai

    6 September, 2010 at 16:05


    Although i have not yet purchased anything online the fact that the app takes up so much of my screen space does restrict my browser experience. If im being honest i would say that it would be a matter of time before it annoyed me and would remove it. If the content remained the same and everything appeared slightly smaller on the right i think i would be happier to use it. That said it may make everything too small.

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