Give as you Live proudly sponsors Small Charity Week 2012


Give as you Live is delighted to be supporting our friends at the FSI, with ‘Small Charity Week’, which kicks off on Monday 11th June 2012.

We attended the launch of Small Charity Week yesterday evening, where we met many small charities including Media Trust, The Pirate Castle and BIGKID Foundation as well as journalists who will help to promote the Week.

The idea behind ‘Small Charity Week’ is to grow the awareness of the UK’s many small charities, which work to right a wrong that exists in the community they serve. Many of these organisations grow from an individual or group of people committed to doing good, and lack the support and funds that bigger charities can have access to.

Give as you Live is supporting the Week, and communicating our message to small charities: that just 100 shoppers, shopping through Give as you Live, can raise a whopping £3,000 for your charity in a year.

Give as you Live is offering further support to small charities, with an added fundraising initiative. As soon as just 25 shoppers sign up to support a charity, and spend £10 each online, Give as you Live will give an additional £5 per shopper to the charity.

If you are a small charity reading this, who would like to drum up support for your cause via Give as you Live, please contact us here

You can read more about Small Charity Week here