Give as You Live reflections

Name: Andrea Boden
Profession: Development and Communications
Location: North West London
Bio: Andrea is the UK Development Officer for Romance Academy – a nationally focused; relationships and sex education charity that equips adults talk to young people about the hot topics. Her favourite food is, chicken, rice and peas Jamaican-style and her favourite place is the beach. There was only ever the electric kind in her hometown of Birmingham.

My Give as you Live experience:
Re-cap: I bought a dress last week through Give as You Live. My first step towards raising money for Romance Academy – undoubtedly the greatest charity in the UK – by simply maintaining my online shopping addiction. My line-manager even allowed me to shop for it on work time just so we could try it out. Winner.

Update: Sadly, it arrived and it was hideous. I’ve had to return it. I wouldn’t say I am necessarily a petite person but I’m definitely not as butch as this dress made out. The cheek! I am hoping that my donation will still count though…I paid a thieving £4 for delivery so they should leave my contribution alone to be honest.

Next steps: Erm, so I got straight back on the horse and started scouring for something else for ‘my work wardrobe’. Initially I had cursed the world of online retailers as I thought that only a handful stores had signed up to GAYL.

However, imagine my embarrassment/delight when I was informed of pages 1 – 10+ across the bottom! People, don’t make the same mistake – there are lots of ways to give to your chosen charity.

I am now the proud owner of a cream dress from Miss Selfridge. For the record, I didn’t buy a smock style because of my previous experience. There is no way I’m letting one dress ruin my body confidence. Next week I may have to buy something for someone other than myself…watch this space.