Give as you Live soon to introduce an online shop and special offers

A great deal of the success we’ve experienced through Give as you Live™ has been down to the constant feedback and support from our partner charities and causes. In March alone we were able to increase the number of people raising money through Give as you Live™ by 48%. On top of that, supporters, on average, spent 21% more than expected.

Because of the feedback from our partner charities and causes, we have been able to learn, adapt and change Give as you Live™ to meet the needs of partners and users alike, raising even more money. With this in mind, we are about to launch our biggest changes yet.

Many causes told us that whilst their supporters were keen to raise money through Give as you Live™, many wanted to be able to try the product before they downloaded it. Also, they wanted to be able to further incentivise supporters to raise money for free by offering special deals and discounts.

We accepted that a “try before you buy” approach would help people experience first hand how easy it is to raise money for free as they shop online. We also agreed that special offers would not only help people get a good deal on items they need, but also help raise even more money for deserving causes.

We will be rolling out these new changes over the coming weeks. Every Give as you Live™ webpage will be automatically updated to ensure each supporter receives the offers they want and the ability to try Give as you Live™ before downloading.

Our existing charity and cause partners don’t need to do a thing to benefit from the latest changes to Give as you Live™ – simply keep asking your supporters to help raise money for your cause every day for free. The improved Give as you Live™ will automatically be available to all users.

If you have any questions about the new Give as you Live™ features, please leave a comment below. We look forward to sharing it with you.