Give as you Live’s Digital Donor Review – FAQs and support

Any questions not covered here? Please let us know at the bottom of this post and we’ll answer them for you. Alternatively, email or call us on 0800 883 8450.

The Digital Donor Review is the largest survey of its kind. Polling thousands of charity supporters, it seeks to discover how charity supporters live online, and identify trends year-on-year.

If you’re a charity and would like access to the vital data the Digital Donor Review can uncover about your supporter base (completely free of charge), please look in the Give as you Live charity marketing toolkit to access resources to help you promote the survey.

Here are some frequently-asked questions about the Review:

What do the six faces of the Review represent?

You might be familar with the six faces of Give as Live’s ongoing Digital Donor Review, below. By sorting through the data – across thousands of online givers – we have already identified certain key trends. These personae represent six key types of charitable donor the Digital Donor Review has identified so far. They all share certain characteristics which help charities identify the needs of their supporter base. As the Digital Donor Review continues, we will be able to identify trends over time and see which new faces emerge.

Six Charity Personas

I represent a charity, what’s in it for me?

By encouraging your donors to take part in the Digital Donor Review, you’ll have access to a wealth of useful data when we send your cost-free custom report, including demographic lifestyle information. In short, you’ll have an insight into what your supporters want, how they’d like to communicate with you, and what you can do to reach out to them more effectively.

OK… how do I promote it to our donor base?

We’ve prepared a raft of materials to help you promote the Digital Donor Review to your supporters. For a selection of email templates, website banners and buttons, please visit the marketing toolkit section of the Give as you Live website.

I support a charity, why should I enter?

2012 winner Sense receiving £5,000 from Give as you Live

2012 winner Sense receiving £5,000

By entering the Digital Donor Review, you are giving your charity vital information on your online preferences, and how you’d like them to contact and engage with you online in the future.

You also stand to win £5,000 for your charity just by answering a few simple questions. In 2012, one charity supporter won £5,000 for their supported charity Sense – in just five minutes. You can see the cheque on the left.

Any data you give is anonymised and aggregated before being passed on to the charity.


I’ve already entered – can I enter again?

If you entered last year, we welcome you to enter again – not only will your entry count as another chance to win £5,000 for your charity, but we’re interested in seeing how habits change over time.

When is the closing date for taking part?

Although we look at data year-on-year to identify trends in online giving, there is no closing date for the Digital Donor Review – the survey site at will remain open indefinitely.

To take part in the Digital Donor Review, please visit

If you represent a charity, please call us on 0800 883 8450, or email

You can also find a web link personalised to your charity, along with other marketing materials, in your toolkit.