Give as you Live and Freegle join forces

Great news –Give as you Live and Freegle have joined forces.

Give as you live and free re-use scheme Freegle have partnered up in an effort to promote “environmentally aware, responsible consumerism” in the UK.

Freegle is a free online re-use scheme, promoting the keeping of useable items out of landfill. Users can give unwanted items away, or find something they want or need. It is run with the help of around 1000 volunteers.

Now you can use Freegle to dispose of your unwanted items rather than throw them away and buy the stuff you do need through Give as you Live.


  1. Unwanted Item – No matter what unwanted item you have, be it a sofa, double glazing, a shed, or even a pile of slabs, someone would happily take it off your hands and put it to good use.
  2. Freegle it – List the product on Freegle and watch it get snapped up. You’ll save it from landfill and make someone’s day!
  3. Search Freegle for a replacement – If you’re looking for a replacement, don’t forget to search your local Freegle group – you’ll be amazed at what gems you find.
  4. Sign up for Give as you Live – For all the things you can’t find on Freegle, there’s Give as you Live. Head to Give as you Live and Get Started.
  5. Shop through Give as you Live – Follow the instructions to install Give as you Live and you’ll be able to raise money for Freegle every time you shop online, for free.
  6. Raise money for Freegle for free – Every time you shop through Give as you Live. Freegle will receive a percentage of your purchase – at no cost to you.

Polly Gowers OBE, CEO and Founder of Give as you Live, commented:

 “Freegle does vital work in helping to minimise environmentally damaging unnecessary waste, as well as saving money for hard pressed Brits. Give as you Live have partnered with Freegle to increase the financial support from their passionate community – but without them having to dig deeper into their pockets.

“This collaboration means that the British public can be philanthropic and environmentally conscious as items enter and leave their lives.”