Give as you live and Rotary Club of Worcester

What does this mean to your charity?
The Rotary Club of Worcester is a local rotary club that needs to raise funds to support its activities at home and overseas. These range from Ending polio, Shelter boxes for international disaster relief to supporting literacy in local schools. As we are all volunteers every pound we raise can be put to good use and we are always looking for new ways to raise funds. What does £1,000 mean to us? Well, £650 buys a Shelter Box; £500 co-funds a defibrillator; £200 funds a trip to the zoo for young carers and so on.

What communication channels do you use to promote Give as you Live?
To date, we have used Give As You live as an internal fundraising tool, so we have promoted by e-mail and face to face contact. However, as part of our new club marketing strategy, we will be using a range of social media to promote Give As You Live to our supporters and the public. We are also planning on having it on our website when it is redeveloped.

Testimonial about Give as you Live…

“Give As You Live is a great way for our members and others to support our charitable activities whilst they do their online shopping! We have found working with Give As You Live great – they are reliable and supportive. For any charity that wants to raise funds and has a group of online shoppers Give As You Live is an essential tool. It is free, easy to use and delivers on-going revenue.”