Give as you Live survey finds 87% of Britons believe their favourite retailers aren’t doing enough

How much does a store’s charitable giving influence your shopping choices? Well, 87% of Britons believe that their favourite retailers are failing to support good causes – with just 15% of shoppers have noticed their retailer engaging in charitable activities.

These results come from our survey of over 2,000 people across the UK, who were asked about the ways in which they support charity. We found that:


rgPerception of giving is low across the board

Food and Drink was the best performing sector yet 59% of respondents recalled no charitable support when thinking of their favourite retailer. The worst performing retail sectors were; cinema, electronics and gadgets, books, games and DVDs, DIY, holidays and sport and leisure where over 90% of respondents recalled no charitable support when thinking of their favourite retailers.


Corporate Responsibility can be good for business


According to the survey 79% believe that retailers should be doing more to support UK charities. What is more 49% of shoppers would spend more money with a retailer if they donated to charity while 86% of Britons said supporting charity would give one

retailer the edge over on who does not – meaning that the charity supporting retailer in more likely to get their business. 83% of consumers also said that they’d like to select the charity that the retailer donates to.



Polly Gowers OBE, CEO and Founder of Give as you Live, commented:

“These survey findings send a very strong message to retailers in the UK. Not only do shoppers want to see retailers support charities, the perception that retailers are giving back to society actually impacts a shopper’s loyalty and amount they spend.”

“During a difficult economic period, everyone- including retailers – should be seen to be doing their bit to give back to society. Charities and good causes have been some of the worst hit by the squeeze and, as spending increases, it’s time to direct cash their way.

Retailers who engage in CSR activities not only look good, but could also increase sales.”

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