Glastonbury Festival Packing Guide

They’re a helpful lot over at Glastonbury. Not only do they put on one of the best music festivals in the world, but their website contains lots of helpful advice, whether you’re planning your first ever trip or are a seasoned veteran who simply suffers some strange memory lapses when it comes to packing time. Here’s a guide to what you should take with you to this year’s festival, based on Glastonbury’s own ‘What to Bring’ list, along with some ideas of where to buy what you need if you’re starting from scratch.


First and foremost, don’t forget your festival ticket, an inexpensive but sturdy tent such as the easy-to-use Trespass 2 Man Festival Pop Up Tent on offer at £29.99 from Argos, a roll mat like the £5 Multimat from Blacks and a sleeping bag such as the Summit 250 Square Sleeping Bag, on sale at £29.99 at Mountain Warehouse. Whatever the weather forecast, you’ll need a great pair of wellies. Dazzle Wellingtons, £165 from Hunter, are practical but splashingly stylish – the perfect combination for any true festival diva.

Toilet roll is not the most glamorous festival accessory you will pack, but it may be one of the most essential, along with a warm jumper as it really can feel chilly at night. The Asos Festival Shop has lots of great clothing options on offer, including the gorgeous £75 Story Of Lola Festival Longline All Over Iridescent Sequin Hoodie. Asos is another good place to start your search for the essential waterproof. Check out the Panda Rain Mac at £45, or keep the rest of your festival wardrobe on show in the £40 Clear Rain Mac. A good waterproof should keep some of you dry, but remember to also pack more clothes than you should need just in case you do get wet.

Other essentials include sun tan lotion – try a once-a-day version such as Riemann P20 – and any toiletries and medication you will need, all stored in a rain-proof bag like the Savfy WaterProof Toiletry Bag, £6.99 from Amazon. Check if you need to take along any ID, and don’t forget your money and cards. Pack a torch and a big hat to keep off the sun, such as the super-stylish Violetta Straw Pamela Hat, £29.99 from Mango. Make sure you mark all of your valuables with your postcode and house name or number. If you do leave anything behind, the festival organisers will try to post it back to you.

As well as the things you need to take along, there are also things that should definitely be left behind. Take as few valuables as possible, and leave out anything in glass bottles, even perfume. Distil your favourite scent into a plastic perfume bottle to prevent it from being confiscated. Only take in alcohol and food for your own use, and of course anything illegal is strictly a no-no. No fireworks are allowed, and gazebos are banned because they take up too much space. Sound systems aren’t allowed either – although why you would need them at a music festival is anyone’s guess.