Go Potty This Half Term

Parents with older children will know that potty training can be even harder when there’s simply no time to spend hours sitting next to the throne. With half term coming up, some of you will be considering taking the plunge when you haven’t got the school runs to contend with and you can spend a little more time in and around the home. Get ready for the challenge with this potty guide.


A novelty potty can really make a difference if your child will simply not sit down. There are lots of different varieties out there, from a basic Disney Cars model to the Rolls Royce of the potty world, the Fisher Price Fun to Learn Potty. The latter looks like a real loo and sings and tells stories to keep your little ones on the throne. If comfort is an issue (and every parent of older children will know how long little ones can sit on the loo), then have a look at a potty chair, such as the Mickey Mouse Potty Chair from Mothercare.

A Hippo ‘steady’ potty will prevent nasty spills – and very few thrills – or you may decide that you want to keep all the peeing and pooing where it is probably best suited – in the loo. If your child will go for the idea, there are lots of seats out there that simply sit over a normal toilet.

If you do have to head out and about, think about investing in a portable training seat that you can take with you or some disposable potty covers that you can simply throw away.

If you feel as if you’re loo-sing the toilet training battle – or the plot – there is help available. There are books to read to your little one, such as Pirate Pete’s Potty, which makes a noisy cheering sound, and those adults-only guides such as Gina Ford’s Potty Training in One Week that might just stop you from banging your head repeatedly on the toilet lid.

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