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Hi, I’m Marianne and I blog at about parenting, food, travel and being a Great British Housewife my main job which keeps me very busy indeed.

I’m one of the Brit Mums ambassadors for Give as you Live, a role I am very honoured to be part of and one I hope to fulfill successfully as the the idea of donating whilst I shop at no extra cost to me is a no brainer. We should all be doing this!

My chosen charity is UCL Cancer Research. My mum battled two types of cancer last year, breast and lung and luckily for us she survived both all thanks to the quick detection by her doctor down to the drugs and therapy’s she was treated with. I can only thank the scientists and doctors who spent their valuable time discovering treatments to make this possible and in order to give back I want to spread the word to gain more attention and funds.

If you’d like to chat on Twitter I can be found @Maris_world, help me spread the word even further and maybe together we can beat cancer for good.

Start shopping through Give as you Live today, sign up here to help me raise funds for UCL Cancer Research, at no extra cost to you.

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