Great deals on Secret Santa gifts

ssToday one of the biggest office Christmas traditions happened at the Give at you Live HQ, the selection of the recipient of your Secret Santa Gift.

Choosing that little piece of folded paper is a nerve wracking experience, is it joy when you realise you’ve picked out your office bestie, confusion when you’re not sure who it is that you’ve drawn out, or horror when you have to think of what to get for the boss.

Whatever your Secret Santa predicament this year, we have a whole host of fantastic ranges for you to choose from that will suit any budget. Take a look at our pick of the best below for inspiration.

jlWhether you’re buying for your boss or getting a quirky gift for a work buddy, John Lewis has a range of perfect presents for any colleague. Find over 100 items for £10 and under.

John Lewis will donate up to 2.00%


fireboxFind a wide selection of gift ideas online at Firebox. With plenty of gifts to suit a wide range of personalities and budgets. So if you are shopping for a workaholic, bookworm, animal lover, fashionista or outdoorsy type, there’s sure to be the perfect present.

Firebox will donate up to 4.00%

iwootFor those of us who don’t know what secret Santa gifts to buy, Christmas can be a pretty stressful time of the year, especially if you don’t know the person you’re buying for very well. Not to worry though have got secret Santa gifts for everybody on every budget whether you are buying for colleagues, friends, acquaintances or family members.  Selected gifts are 3 for £20 too, perfect for getting a stocking filler or treat for yourself at the same time.

IWOOT will donate up to 4.00%

nothsSecret Santa gifts should be original, fun and shouldn’t cost too much either. Whether you are buying for friends or colleague, find the perfect present at There are little kits and games, jewellery & fashion accessories and mucj more. Find ideas from under £3. will donate up to 4.00%

red5RED5 have not only made Secret Santa easy, they’ve made it fun. No more budget induced tat flying round the office, now you can get really great little Secret Santa gifts that your work colleagues will love. Find a wide range of gifts for under £15.

RED5 will donate up to 5.00%

hawkinsFind a huge selection of Secret Santa Gifts online at Hawkins Bazaar to suit anyone, from cheeky office colleagues to friends who are notoriously hard to buy for. Find the quirkiest set of secret Santa gift ideas that all fall with the strict budgets usually imposed on such things.  So whether you are looking for something that’s practical and a little bit silly or downright absurd, there’s guaranteed to be something to raise a smile.

Hawkin’s Bazaar will donate up to 2.00%

If you are still stuck for inspiration, why not take a look at our stocking fillers for fantastic ideas at the best prices.