Great Valentine’s Gifts – For Yourself!

Valentine’s Day is not a particularly exciting prospect if you’re not expecting any gifts, but why not add some sparkle for yourself? Think of the positives. You can treat yourself to something that you really like, and you won’t have to coo over underwear that looks more crass than class or eat your own weight in champagne truffles when you’d have much preferred just the bubbly itself.


Why not splash out on a great new lingerie set? You’ll buy the right-sized bra, and there won’t be so much cheap and scratchy lace that your chest ends up looking as if it’s been attacked by a pack of frenzied cats. Check out the beautiful Reger by Janet Reger Designer Valentina Grey Lace Non-Padded Bra and matching Brazilian Briefs. You could even splash out on the Valentina Suspender and continue to feel sexy and special even when nothing’s left of Valentine’s Day for most people than a few extra millimetres around the waist and a hefty restaurant bill on their credit card.

Don’t wait around for someone else to buy you flowers. Do it yourself and brighten up your home – and your day. Treat yourself to Next’s February Gift Bag of blooms or a cheery Spring Growers Bunch from M&S. Go on, you know you’re worth it.

If you can smell the opportunity to indulge yourself, why not order a bottle of your favourite scent – or try something new? Hot fragrances right now include Jimmy Choo Blossom and James Bond 007 for Women Eau de Parfum.

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