Guest post from Yasmin Colley of Overly Selected: Jumping on the pastel bandwagon


Name: Yasmin Colley
Profession: Full-time student, currently carrying out placement at Hewlett-Packard.
Bio: Part-time UK fashion and lifestyle blogger at Overly Selected.

My Give as you Live Experience:
I don’t know about you but I always feel guilty when I shop… I definitely don’t need the 17 pairs of shorts I own, or the countless amounts of leggings and shoes.

But, I am a sucker for a new trend and being a blogger doesn’t help when I spend my evenings swooning over outfit posts and new collections in all of my favourite stores; trend I’m currently swooning over: PASTEL.

I tend to shop in charity shops a lot, not only do you get a bargain but the money spent on clothes goes to a good cause- it makes me feel slightly better about my binge spending. So when I heard of Give as you Live my first thoughts? ‘WAHOO guilt free shopping’.

I try not to shop online but now that I can do it for a good cause I’m going to go crazy, I’m currently fundraising for The Princes Trust Charity so have chosen to support them. I like that there’s no more effort involved and you can just shop as you normally would and a % goes to charity, why isn’t everyone doing this?!

I’ve just bought a black ‘boyfriend’ tee (always an essential) and a mint cropped vest from Topshop. These items were both really cheap but still raised £0.12 for The Princes Trust.

I can’t wait to wear my mint tee and jump on the pastel bandwagon, I’m sure I’ll be featuring it on my blog soon. I can sense it’s not going to stop there either, I definitely need a pair of pastel jeans, shorts and a blazer… and that’s just for starters.

Uh oh, good for The Prince’s Trust though!