Guilty Confessions of a Christmas Shopper

guilty shopper

Ok hands up!

Who has had that moment when you have set out to get your Christmas shopping done only to have been side tracked by something for yourself? All of a sudden you find yourself justifying your indiscretion and re working your Christmas budget.

Hey Ho – we all deserve a little treat, right?

I’m hardly the person to give advice on shopping addictions, but I’ve come up with a few rules for myself, that I will try and stick to, to limit my indiscretions this year.

1. Make a list of name s with a gift idea for each. This leads to fewer distractions.
2. Set a budget and a ‘going over allowance’
3. Build one big shopping list for all of the gifts you have to buy with our Wish List function and only once this list is complete get your credit out. This way temptation is removed while you are browsing.

Either way if you are shopping through Give as you Live you know that your guilty confession has helped your favourite charity.

So, it’s crunch time … who is brave enough to list their guilty confessions – please post below.