Haremly Happy

Name: Liz Orr
Profession: Accountant
Location: Gloucester, Gloucestershire
Bio: Liz is 24 years old and lives in Gloucester. Liz has recently got back to the UK after 5 months travel in Brazil experiencing different food and culture!

My Give as you Live Experience:
Now I like to think of myself as a bit of a fashionista, coupled with the fact that I am a shopaholic, this usually means disaster for my bank account. Cue “dum dum dum”, this season’s hottest trend – harem trousers.

Now, unfortunately although not big boned I could never call myself a twiglet… would I be able to wear them without looking like a dodgy spin off of MC Hammer?!

With trepidation in my heart, I bit the bullet and visited New Look in town to try a pair on. First scary part over and a bargain at only £9.99, now to face the mirror! What I saw wasn’t half bad and I thought maybe I can wear these beige babies.

So with a big breath and a few drinks before leaving the house I embarked on my harem night out. Can’t believe it, I had so many compliments from “where did you get those” to “work it girl”. Admittedly, there was a few “Jasmine” from Aladdin comments but on the whole I felt pretty special and on top of the latest fashion.

Fast forward a week and OOOH have a hot date at the weekend and no time to shop for that special little number. Luckily, my auntie popped in for a cuppa and reminded me that I could shop online and also Give as you Live!

So within ten minutes, I’d not only bagged myself a fab pair of black Harem trousers, I was also tempted into the Sales section and free delivery over £45 offer at New Look.

Now I’m looking forward to my delivery and it lifted my spirits knowing I had raised some money for Macmillan Cancer Support. I am haremly happy!!