Help with the Annual Gift Hunt

Annuals make great stocking fillers for kids. They’re usually great value for money and can keep youngsters entertained for hours with everything from stories to puzzles and colouring opportunities. Most well-known cartoons, TV characters and bands have their own annuals, so it is usually simple to find one that your children will love. Here are some options.annuals-2015

Despicable Me 2015 Annual | This Minion-fest is only £4 at Asda right now, and there’s also a great value available with the three annuals for £10 offer.

Disney Frozen Annual | You can’t go wrong with an annual devoted to characters from Disney’s latest smash hit, which is predicted to be one of the biggest sellers for Christmas 2014.

Famous Five Annual 2015 | One of the big fast-food chains got a whole new generation of kids reading about the Famous Five by giving away the books. It’s great retro Enid Blyton fun that you will probably enjoy looking at as much as your kids.

Skylanders Official Annual 2015 | Fans of the hit computer game will be really impressed with this colourful book filled with past and present characters. It’s a sure-fire hit, especially for those children who have already put the new Trap Team game on their Christmas wish lists.

One Direction: The Official Annual 2015 | Filled with antics from the world’s biggest boy band and plenty of backstage secrets and fun facts, this is bound to be a winner with girls of a certain age.