Holiday to Help the Homeless

Name: Jennie Bromell
Profession: Restaurant manager
Location: Cornwall
Bio: Jennie is 26 years old; having grown up in Cornwall she returned having lived in London for five years. She runs the family restaurant with her fiancée, Mac. She loves food, travelling to new locations and surfing.

My Give as you Live Experience:
I recently decided that summer was taking far too long to get to us in the UK. My impatient side took over and all of a sudden, I found myself staring at images of Biarritz, longing to be lounging around and filling my days with, well, very little.

My first point of call was to buy a bikini. I thought this was a cheaper way of quashing my desire for an expensive holiday that I probably can’t afford! It didn’t work, but I did raise £1.20 with a little help from House of Fraser for Help the Homeless, for people less privileged than me who don’t have the luxury of talking about exotic holidays.

I then thought a good book would help feed my longing for escape. Waterstones helped me pick Emma Donoghue’s Room for some entertainment, The Dukan Diet so I can fit into my newly purchased bikini and the Lonely Planet Country Guide to France. Another 62p to Help the Homeless.

I had cracked. I did my calculations, pestered my boyfriend and found the money for my holiday, granted I did have to count all the coins I found down the back of my sofa, but I stretched to it – a return flight to France and a tent pitch (OK so I couldn’t quite stretch to the five star hotel). We’re off in three weeks to sweat in a tent and wash in the sea, and I’m so excited. It also gives a total of nearly £25 to Help the Homeless.

I love that whenever I spend any money on treats for myself I can help other people. I’m a firm believer of giving back, whether that’s volunteering within your community, sponsoring my friends for Santa runs, marathons, bike rides and sponsored trolley pushes, or making sure that you’re aware of the opportunities available to you.

Give as you Live is a great tool and I’ll always ensure that the pennies I spend online are spent wisely. I’m sure I need a new tent…oh and Millets is a Give as you Live retailer, well hello Mr Mastercard!

Jennie B