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Guide to looking after house plants🌵

Plants are the perfect essential for any home. Whether you live in a smaller flat or a spacious family home, house plants are an ideal addition to your indoor decoration.

Houseplants help to increase the feel-good factor by injecting some greenery into your home, and even better some can purify the air we breathe. How about that!

Apart from regular watering and feeding, most require little attention and many will continue to provide stunning and beautiful blooms year after year. Not sure which houseplant to bring into your home? We’ve put together the top 3 picks that will look blooming marvellous in every home!

Peace Lilies

Which are one of the most popular house plants available. With crisp white blooms and dark green, waxy leaves, they are pretty easy to maintain and are considered to clean and neutralise the air. They can grow up to 16 inches however larger varieties can even reach 6 feet tall.

Did you know?

Peace Lilies thrive best in a location that has indirect sunlight because the white blooms can become dry and brown if they are left in direct sunlight without regular watering. However, one of the most common mistakes in the care of peace lilies is overwatering, never water peace lilies on a schedule – simply check them once a week by touching the top of the soil to see if it dry.

Caring for your peace lily...

Since the wide leaves on peace lilies tend to be a dust magnet, you should either wash or wipe down the leaves at least once a year. This will help it process sunlight better. The growing seasons are spring and summer and if they are well cared for as they will bloom twice a year, once in spring and once in summer.


Are the smaller plants with spines and prickles, they are available in a variety of shapes and colours plus they create stunning decorative displays. However as they grow with minimal supervision, they can simply be left to grow on window sills or coffee tables. They should be placed in small pots on window sills and coffee tables.

Caring for your cacti...

With a hardy appearance, cacti still need nourishment and nutrients, so remember to water your cacti, but try not to overdo it. The soil around the base of the cacti should be damp when first watered because cacti come from a hot, dry climate with minimal water during their lives, they have no natural way of stopping the intake of water.


These plants are grown for their elegance and style, as they are easy to look after and when in full bloom it creates a striking focal point in your home. Having vibrant colours mean you can always find a species to suit your own personal style.

Did you know?

Orchids can be divided into three main temperature categories – cool, intermediate and warm – so you need to choose the species you buy carefully.

Caring for your orchids...

By putting a lot of energy into blooming, they naturally live with their roots on the side of trees. Orchids prefer a cool breeze, so it can grow to a maximum height as they can regularly benefit from fresh air.

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