How Xbox games help dogs – My Give as you Live experience

A dog is a man’s best friend: meet Milo, he was mine.

When I was 10 my family adopted six year-old Milo from the Labrador Rescue Trust. I was extremely excited to have a new dog but didn’t realise he would be so naughty. In his first month of being with us he ate any food we left on the kitchen counter – my peanut butter toast, my pizza, my Easter egg (foil included – he was quite sick after that one, poor thing!). We couldn’t be mad at him though – we were told that his last owners only fed him bread and kept him outside in the cold. Milo was just not used to it!

It made me realise just how important Trusts like Labrador Rescue and the Dog’s Trust are. Milo lived a great life up to the ripe old age of 16, joining us on ski holidays, swims in the sea and walks on the hills; all thanks to the Labrador Rescue Trust. I will always be a big supporter.

My sister told me about a desktop shopping app called Give as you Live which lets me donate money to the trust when I’m shopping online. I thought this was interesting but as a new graduate I don’t have much spare cash lying around. She then told me it doesn’t cost me anything extra – I was like, how have I not heard of this app before?!

I use Firefox so I had to wait a bit for the new version, but I’ve now downloaded it (it took less than minute) and I’m going to buy my Xbox games through it. I saw that if I bought Call of Duty: Blacks Ops, I could raise £2.30.

I’m looking forward to seeing my total go up and do my bit to help dogs in need, like Milo.

Thomas, 21, West London