I love Give as you Live… and I didn’t even know it

I love Give as you Live and I didn’t even know it! It took me 2 minutes to download the application, then 2 minutes to find my favourite charity. A couple days passed and I had forgotten about the application until I recently signed up for LoveFilm online. Whilst I subscribed to their subscription, Give as you Live popped up and asked if I wanted to have my purchase go towards my favourite charity? Yes! I said and that was it.

The next day I received confirmation from Give as you Live that £3.75 went straight to Aviation Without Borders and I was on my way. So easy, so efficient, so cool. I was so amazed how easy it was that I immediately posted what happened on my Facebook wall to share the news. I now find myself making sure I use Give as you Live from now on, for all online purchases – holidays, shopping, anything!

Justin Weik