Infographic: “All I want for Christmas”

With summer only recently ending, Christmas may seem far off, but it’s actually just 100 days away and marks the launch of Give as you Live’s “All I want for Christmas” campaign. The campaign’s aim is to help turn the £6.8bn*, which will be spent online this Christmas, into £millions for UK charities.

Our recent You Gov survey revealed that only 5% of people plan to give more to charity during Christmas this year over last year, which is disappointing due to the tough times charities are facing. We hope our campaign will urge shoppers to use Give as you Live when they buy their Christmas gifts online, which will turn spend into donations for all UK’s charities.

We are calling all shoppers, retailers, media owners and charities to help us reach as many Christmas shoppers as possible. A quarter of people will be doing the majority of their Christmas shopping online this year, and we have calculated that if all of this shopping was done through Give as you Live, over £170million would be raised, without shoppers giving any extra money and buying the presents they want from their favourite retailers.

We’ve designed an infographic below, which incorporates these statistics to give a visual representation of the potential for charity donations this Christmas. Join our All I want for Christmas campaign to help boost charitable donations over the festive period.

xmas infographic

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