Inspirational sporting books from champions

andyLooking for some inspiration? Check out our top 5 sporting books from Olympic champions to world-class football players.

We’ve certainly had a summer of sport; from Andy Murrays win at Wimbledon to England’s win of the Ashes series.

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Andy Murray Champion: The Full Extraordinary Story

Mark Hodgkinson was the first person to interview Murray for a national newspaper back in 2004. His book Andy Murray Champion: The Full Extraordinary Story relating how Andy achieved what no British man has since the 1930s is as compelling as the Wimbledon final itself. It describes “how difficult it is to become a tennis star in Britain; how alone you are and the extra lengths you have to go to become successful.”

£5.59, Waterstones

2James Cracknell: Touching Distance

Touching Distance by James Cracknell and wife Beverley Turner gives a “humorous insight into the character and determination required to become an Olympic gold medal winning athlete alongside the devastation caused by brain injury. If you read only one book this year, make it this one.” An extraordinary and powerful account of how James and Bev confront the lasting effects of the accident on their lives, it is the story of a marriage, a family and one man’s fight back.”

£9.99, Amazon

3Fabrice Muamba : I’m Still Standing.

From the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo to cheating death on the football pitch, Fabrice Muamba relates his incredible journey in his book I’m Still Standing. This truly inspirational account of how a young boy who could not speak a word of English surmounted all the odds to achieve outstanding exam results before rising to the top of his game in the Premiership is a must read. “You will not be able to put the book down once you start to read this moving story.”

£9.09, WHSmith


4Muhammed Ali: His life and Times

“An authorised biography that was intended to be a ‘warts and all’ presentation,” Muhammed Ali: His life and Times “is utterly entertaining, unpretentious and fascinating.” His accomplishments in the ring were the stuff of legend — the two fights with Sonny Liston when he proclaimed himself: “The Greatest” and proved he was; the three epic wars against Joe Frazier; the stunning victory over George Foreman in Zaire; and the shocking loss and final win that made him the first man to win back the heavyweight crown twice, 14 years after he had first claimed it.

£8.39, Amazon


5Jessica Ennis: Unbelievable

An inspiring story of how to achieve your dreams no matter what life throws a you, Jessica Ennis: Unbelievable is a refreshingly candid account of the athlete’s rise to fame in a highly charged world in which body image issues and drug abuse are ever present; from the pressures facing her to behind-the-scenes glimpses into the greatest show on earth when she was poster girl for the London Olympic Games. “An easy read that gives a good insight into the route and dedication Jess has to her chosen sport.”

£3.49, The Book People