Internet Shopping Is Just the Ticket


The summer sunshine may be limited for the rest of the year in Britain, perhaps prompting you to book your tickets and head off to warmer climes.

You can feel the excitement building as you book your taxi to the airport, smugly keep out your summer flip-flops and plan your pre-holiday shopping trip. But it is the latter that can burst your bubble when you realise that many high street shops have moved on from the holiday season, replacing sun-tan lotions with Halloween masks and sunglasses with woolly hats and gloves.

Fear not, however, as the internet will save the day. The country’s major retailers may not have shelf-space all year round for insect spray and adapter plugs, but the World Wide Web means you can travel world-wide with everything you need.

Sun Protection | If your bank manager has not drawn the line at booking a winter holiday, there are many high-end sun creams available all-year round. Try the range of Clarins lotions from Escentual, or, for true luxury, how about La Prairie Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Sun Cream SPF 30 50ml, available via FragranceX? It may cost almost £90 a pot, but your skin will never feel so good, even after a day baking in the sun.

If you would rather spend your hard-earned cash on sangria rather than sun cream, check out the Superdrug online range. And for any special skin-care needs, have a look at the convenient range from Pharmacy2u.

Insect Repellent | There’s nothing worse than unpacking the shorts from your case only to discover that your legs already look like something out of a dot-to-dot book thanks to the dreaded mosquito. Chemist Direct is a good place to start for conventional sprays such as Healthaid Mosquito & Insect Repellent, but there are also plenty of imaginative products to try. Check out the Portable Mosquito Repellar from Presents For Men, or pack the Mosquito Repellent Coil from Millets. The latter is perfect if you are planning to laze around outside your villa or holiday home and, at less than a fiver, has got to be worth a go.

Adapt Yourself | You may struggle to find an adapter plug on your local high street at this time of year, but there is no such shortage of suppliers on the internet. Simply type in ‘adapter plug’ into the Giveasyoulive search bar and your only question will be ‘which product shall I choose?’

Never in the Shade | So you sat on the sunglasses that you lovingly kept safe all through the British summer, and now you have found yourself facing the foreign rays without an ounce of shade in sight. Fear not, the Sunglasses Shop is only a few clicks away.