Introducing Mums for Good ambassador Penny Alexander


Once a drama and media teacher, now a writer and mum, Penny Alexander blogs and vlogs at Alexander Residence about parenting, creativity and sometimes even parenting creatively. Penny tweets at @Aresidence.

Here she is with her view of Give as you Live.

“Did you know you can give to charity as you shop online at no extra cost to you? When I heard about Give as you Live I was totally, utterly bowled over by the genius and simplicity of the concept. There are untapped millions out there. I am on a mission to claim them back for charity, are you with me?”

“You can sign up via my Give as you Live page here:

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    19 June, 2012 at 13:55

    […] 4.25pm Penny from Alexander Residence,  is on a mission to claim back some of the hidden millions for her cause through Give as you Live. Penny will be joined by Leslie from Action Aid who she is […]

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