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Is It Possible To Power Your Home With Your Workout?

As January draws to a close, a lot of our New Year’s resolutions have probably already become a distant memory. We started out with such good intentions,  but the ‘new year, new me’ and ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ motivational catchphrases you mutter to yourself as you set that alarm for 6am gym alarm on a cold, dark Monday morning, have become fewer and far between.

Eventually, gym numbers will drop to their pre-December levels and we’ll all feel a little guilty about it. Of course, there will inevitably still be the dedicated few that keep pounding that treadmill well into February and beyond. Come next year, they’ll be all abs and we’ll be right where we were this time last year…

But it’s not just your body that could benefit from all the additional effort in the gym, the planet could actually start benefiting too.

Research conducted by Give as you Live Online's donation-raising comparison and switching service Uswitch looked into the amount of energy generated in the gym through manpower to see if it was a realistic way to power everyday household items as a renewable energy source.

In January alone, gym-goers create an extra 4.94 GWH in the gym. That’s enough for 52% of Love Island’s fanbase to watch the entire winter series - 1.2 million of us.

Looking beyond January, gym-goers in the UK generate enough energy in the gym to make 408 million cups of tea a month, or cook 4 million pizzas in an electric oven.

When it comes to putting that power to good use across the UK, The Isle of Scilly, off the Cornish coast, could be fully powered all year round using energy generated in the gym. Even larger cities could benefit could get an additional boost - London could be powered for 2.8 hours a year, and even the whole of Wales for 4.2 hours a year.

That might not seem like a lot, but when you consider how long it would take you as an individual to power these items alone, you realise just how much energy the average person in the UK consumes and as they say, every little helps!

Even though you may feel as though you are moving mountains in the gym, it would take you 1449 squats just to boil your kettle. If you wanted to power your electric car enough to drive 70 miles, you’d have to swim for 175 days straight. To get through one hours worth of ironing you’d have to do a whopping 6233 deadlifts or head out on a 6-hour run*...

So before we get ahead of ourselves and think we can start powering the world through our gym routines, it may be best to start with something a little smaller.

Giving something back in your daily life is easy thanks to Give as you Live Online. Become a member (it's free!) and you'll start earning free donations to a charity of your choice with every online purchase you make. From clothing to insurance, pretty much everything can raise a free donation; there are over 4,400 retailers to choose from!

Why not start with a check of your household utilities to see if you could be saving some cash? Uswitch will make a donation of up to £8 to the charity of your choice when you click via Give as you Live Online before locking in a cheaper deal for your home energy. No-brainer!

Perhaps we aren’t quite ready to power the world with our gym habits, but providing vital funds to a charity close to your heart is achievable - today!

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*All data was worked out use’s calculations for manpower. Amount of gym-goers per region is estimated by multiplying UK regional population figures by the standard base rate of gym-goers across the UK.                                                                         

Using the survey data, the total time spent at the gym per region can be found and multiplied by estimated power generated per gym session (formulas used are below), to calculate total power generated by region.

Read the full results here

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