Is It Your Duty to Buy This Game?

cod-advanced-warfare-1The latest Call of Duty game has just been released in plenty of time for Christmas, of course, but will it be enough to combat the franchise fatigue?

Call of Duty has long been a front-runner in the gaming word, not just prompting fans to buy the games themselves but also upgraded consoles such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Then there are the specialist headsets such as the Turtle Beach Ear Force headphones and other accessories to add to the gaming experience that all must be taken into account.

There are plenty of industry experts, however, who claim that the Call of Duty franchise’s popularity may have already reached its peak, and there is no doubt that staff at publisher Activision are preparing to keep a close eye on the performance of the latest instalment, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare over the lucrative Christmas period.


There’s no doubt that die-hard fans of this market-leading first-person shooting extravaganza will buy and play the game, but will it be enough to capture the imagination of floating gamers and a new generation of Call of Duty converts? There’s certainly plenty to keep the attention, not least the performance talents of Kevin Spacey, the double Oscar-winning actor.

The game is set half a century from now and puts the player in the position of being employed as a private military killing machine. For those looking for all-out shoot-‘em-up action, there are plenty of futuristic weapons and lots of opportunities to create virtual carnage. But will the details satisfy the demands of the dedicated? Time will tell.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare marks the first time that Sledgehammer Games has developed a complete game for the franchise, and the American company is undoubtedly anxious to ensure it stems the signs of any boredom around the title. The fact that there are a few big-budget games that have seen their release dates delayed until 2015, missing out on the Christmas boom, is certainly like to work in its favour.

If it doesn’t fulfil its potential and signs of franchise fatigue really do start to show, however, there will undoubtedly be ramifications that go beyond Sledgehammer Games and Activision. The whole gaming industry has come to rely on the Call of Duty name to prompt sales, and they will be on the lookout not just for the next big title, but for the next icon of the modern gaming world.