Jog Less to Live Longer


If you’re always beating yourself up about the fact that you don’t make it out for a jog as often as you should, stop worrying. New research has shown that too much jogging could actually be just as bad for your body as never donning your Karrimor D3O Stabil’s at all.

The report was published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology after researchers spent 12 years studying more than 1,000 non-joggers and people who regularly went for a run. They found that people who went out but spent less than two-and-a-half hours jogging at a steady pace each week were less likely to die during this 12-year-period, compared to non-joggers and those who put on their top-of-the-range running shoes and jog for more than four hours each week. One researcher on the Danish project, Jacob Louis Marott, said that nowhere in the world had a recommended upper safe-exercise limit but perhaps there actually is one to be considered. He said that you don’t need to exercise excessively to have a positive impact on your health.

It is thought that heart changes caused by extreme exercise could be the reason for the findings. Current British guidelines suggest you spend at least 150 minutes each week doing a moderate-intensity exercise. This could be anything from swimming and jogging to playing a sport or enjoying a brisk walk. It seems that it might be just as beneficial to invest in a pair of Brasher Hillwalker boots rather than a pair of Karrimors and head out for a heart-pumping walk a couple of times a week. Take in the scenery and breathe in the fresh air. Now that’s got to be better than running round and round the block on a wet and windy morning, hasn’t it?