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Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Just like people, pets need to eat the right diet and get enough exercise to stay fit and healthy. But as many of us know, it’s not always easy! One-in-three dogs and one-in-four cats in the UK are now estimated to be overweight or obese. Check out PDSA's diet and exercise tips to ensure your pet is in tip-top shape...

Is My Pet a Healthy Weight? The 1-minute check

Checking your pet’s shape is a better way to tell if they’re carrying extra weight rather than relying on the scales alone. That’s because the ideal weight is different for every type and breed – but a healthy shape is the same for all dogs, cats and rabbits.

The video below shows how to check if your pet is a healthy weight – the PDSA used lovely Staffie Millie as an example, but you can use the same method for all pets.

It’s good to get into the habit of checking your pet’s shape every few weeks, starting when they’re young. That way, you’ll know what’s normal for your pet – and your pet can get used to the process, and enjoy the extra attention!

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