Let your family & friends know what you want this Christmas with a Give as you Live Wish List

Christmas shopping can be a stressful and tricky business, it’s so hard to know what people want or need, and if you are planning a surprise, how do you know that the person you have bought for will like it?

Here’s a solution that will solve the problems for all of those involved, as well as raising funds for charity… Give as you Live Wish Lists.

We launched them last week, and they allow you, your friends and family to set up lists online of what you want and need, all in aid of your favourite cause.

Everyone sets up a wish list and shares the url to the wish list page. Simple! Your minds will be at ease, knowing that you can choose from a list of gifts that your friends and family would love to receive. Once someone has bought a gift from the list online, they confirm the purchase and the list updates. That way no one gets two of the same pressie… A regular occurrence in our family!

I’ve approached a few people who have set up wish lists through Give as you Live and asked them what they thought.

‘My family are always nagging me for my lists for birthdays and Christmas, so the wish list is a perfect way to keep a record of what I want from multiple store’s.
Lorna from Cheltenham, view Lorna’s wish list.
‘As a compulsive list-maker, the GAYL Wish List feature is a winner for me. I can set up wish lists for myself or others – perfect in the build up to Christmas. And with friends and family spread across the country I can let them know what’s on my list with a single email. Combine that with the fundraising and it’s a great combination.’
Trevor from Exeter, view Trevor’s wish list.
‘It’s a great way of letting people know what you really want, and at the same time do some good for Charity. A Win – Win situation! Definitely, I would share this.
Doing it this way, I can go on the internet and buy the presents my friends crave for – making them happy, saving me time, and my good deed goes to charity. What’s not to like?’

Mia from London, View Mia’s wish list.

We love hearing back from shoppers and getting feedback on the website and its features. If you have any feedback please add a comment below this post. Trevor, Lorna and Mia said they would recommend our wish lists to their friends, but don’t just take their word for it, set yours up now, and make sure the presents you receive this Christmas raise funds for your favourite charity.

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