Losing my Give as you Live virginity


A guest post by Penny Alexander
Firstly thanks to all those who have joined me in the last month and signed up for Give as You Live, let’s tap those millions for charity. Now, let me tell you about Losing my Give as You Live virginity.

How do you do your food shopping? Once a month we do a big supermarket shop online. We mix that with a weekly veg box delivery and bits and pieces from local shops. Sometimes I feel like we are constantly shopping, yet the fridge is always bare. But, I’m always thinking how lucky we are to be shopping like this. I know the children my chosen charity Action Aid support don’t have the food options my kids do.

Research suggests most shoppers mix and match supermarket and local shopping, and that many shoppers mix and match on and offline shopping.

Did you know?

  • We are set to do 7.2 bn of grocery shopping online by 2014 according to the IGD, the food industry’s trade body.
  • The grocery market was worth £156.8bn in 2011
  • Food and grocery expenditure accounts for 53p in every £1 of retail spending

So food shopping a great place to start to Give as you Live.

I did my first Give as You Live shop last week. We all have the best intentions, but sometimes life gets in the way. Like many things we put off, it turned out to be really easy. It took me minutes to get going. Now the app is downloaded, whenever I visit an online store that works with Give As You Live, a box automatically comes up prompting me to Give as You Live and a header displaying that Give as You Live is switched on appears:

aresidence image

I spent close to £100 this month on our online food shop, and the retailer gave 25p per grocery shop, so 25p appeared in my Give as you Live account. It doesn’t seem much at first, but those little amounts will build over time, with no effort from me. So the sooner you get going the better.

One thing I am getting used to is that it can take a while for purchases to appear in your account and I won’t be notified that I have given at checkout. Luckily this time the day after my order was delivered my 25p showed up in my account for my cause, Action Aid.

I also realised how I am shopping less than in previous years, a trend which some retailers are seeing. Charities are also seeing donations down by 50% in some cases. It strikes me that more than ever now is the time to Give as you Live. The more people who do, the more of a difference we make. Every little bit counts.

Next step? I’m off to the trainline to book my tickets to Britmums blogging conference later this month.

If you haven’t signed up yet you can join me here, and start raising money for your charity, or help me support Action Aid.

If you‘ve signed up then please put aside a couple of minutes to download Give as you Live and start making your shopping count.

Once a drama and media teacher, now a writer and mum, Penny Alexander blogs and vlogs at Alexander Residence about parenting, creativity and sometimes even parenting creatively. Penny tweets at @Aresidence.