Make Fundraising Central to Your Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts

Our fundraising hub can help your business engage with clients and customers and form a central part of your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. Read on to find out how this works and why fundraising is an integral part of a successful CSR plan.

Far-Reaching Benefits

Demonstrating how your company is giving back to the community is good for your beneficiaries and, perhaps, the wider environment, and it can also be extremely worthwhile for your business, especially in an environment where clients, customers, employees and investors are increasingly placing a heavy emphasis on the need for corporate social responsibility.

It has been proven that environmental and social well-being are inextricably linked to economic growth, meaning that if you are aiming for long-term sustainability for your business, then CSR must be a key issue. That doesn’t mean that incorporating it into your business strategy has to be complex, however, when fundraising can be as simple as shopping online through Give as You Live.

Fundraising should form a major part of your CSR strategy, and research has proven how businesses can miss out if they fail to recognise the potential on offer. This is because of the multitude of benefits that can be gained from fundraising efforts.

Increased Employee Engagement

A Forbes survey found that almost all companies questioned (89 percent) believe that CSR activities increase the happiness of employees, while more than three-quarters (76 percent) said that CSR programmes resulted in higher engagement levels.

A Hewitt Associates study also found that employee engagement was boosted by a good fundraising strategy, and this also helped when attempting to recruit staff. A total of 60 percent of those questioned said that volunteering and philanthropy were vital when recruiting young high-quality employees, and almost the same number (58 percent) of employees said they would work for 15 percent less if it meant being employed by a company whose values they shared.

Wider Reach

Fundraising can be central to getting your CSR efforts noticed by a wider audience. Like a spider’s web, fundraising efforts can emanate from your business’s initiatives, leading to more social benefits and more good publicity for your business.

Your fundraising attempts can act as supremely effective ambassadors for your brand and inspire others to support your efforts and embark on their own.

A Viable Alternative to Volunteering

You may be tempted to concentrate on volunteering because you believe that your employees will find this the best way to engage directly with good causes, but the fact is that charities need money to survive and continue their vital work. Without these funds, there may not be a charity to volunteer with, highlighting the vital importance of fundraising efforts.

In an ideal world, your CSR strategy will include a combination of both volunteering and fundraising, but remember that very few charities would choose to have more volunteers over financial donations, which it depends on for its very survival.

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