Make Sure No One’s Board This Christmas!

Traditional board and family games make great festive gifts for young and old alike — not least because it gives you all something fun to do on Christmas afternoon. They make for a far more of a social gathering than personal computer games, prompting even the shyest guests to join in, and they can become even more fun in the evening after a sherry or two. There are classics such as Twister, guaranteed to get adults and children alike hooting with laughter, and modern favourites such as Game of Thrones.

Twister | This provides hours of bendy fun for young and old. Get your body in a twist as you battle to get your hands and feet on the right coloured circles. Older folk may want to limber up before starting the game and get ready to be totally outshone by the kids. This is not one for people who are shy about being seen in public looking ridiculous. Mind you, it is Christmas and you will be amongst friends.

Operation Despicable Me | This is a real family favourite which has also been given a modern twist and now comes in different versions, such as one based on a Minion from the film Despicable Me. Players take turns to keep their hands steady as they try to remove body parts with surgical precision. Be prepared to jump every time that buzzer sounds.


Gooey Louie | The kids will love this gross game, but it’s certainly not one for the squeamish. You’ve spent months telling your kids not to pick their noses, and now you’re taking turns to pick someone else’s. It doesn’t seem right — but it is great fun!

Game of Thrones | Based on the hit series, this is a game of cards which allows a pair of players to wage war in Westeros. Featuring a host of the show’s famous locations and characters, this is a must-have for all fans and is entertaining enough to amuse even people who have never watched a scene.

Shout! | You’ll soon find out who is the most competitive member of the family as you engage in a team battle where quick thinking is the key. Featuring a host of picture puzzles, acronyms and word searches, this is an explosive game that the whole family can enjoy, and the kids may even learn a thing or two as well.

Guess Who? | You can’t beat a bit of Guess Who? on Christmas afternoon, and it’s a game that granny can enjoy as much as the kids. Ask questions to try to guess the right character, but beware of playing this with certain children — some very unflattering comparisons can come out of their mouths. This is an updated version of the classic game where you can even go online to download more characters to guess. Now what does Mr Computer Wizzkid look like? Does he have glasses? Does he have a moustache? Is he bald? You’ll have to ask the questions to find out. The idea of this game is so simple and yet it can provide hours and hours of family fun.