Max Factor Master Class in Make-up

Do you need a flawless finish to your face that will last throughout the day but don’t have the time to trawl through the millions of products on the market? Well, Max Factor claims that simply investing in a few of the iconic company’s multi-tasking products will help you to create lasting looks that will work as hard as you may have to in order to make it through the day.


The Basics | Use Facefinity All Day Flawless 3 In 1 Foundation to create a firm base for all of your other make-up. Remember to use a foundation brush to apply some on your eyelids and underneath your eyes to even out your skin colour, keep colours true and ensure that your eye shadow will make it through the day.

Finish off this base layer by applying a light dusting of Creme Puff Powder to cover your whole face, including your eyelids again. This will help to absorb excess oil and prevent other products from streaking and smudging.

Eye Opener | Choose your shade from the Masterpiece Colour Precision Eye Shadow and apply across your eyelid. Then add highlights by dotting a little Pearl Beige in the inner corners and blending in softly with your fingers. This will really open up your eyes and leave you looking stunning and alert even when the day is starting to draw to an end.

Complete your eyes by applying two layers of the dramatic Black False Lash Effect mascara. You will then have those long, luscious lashes throughout the day.

Lips that Stick | For a gorgeous, deep-coloured stain that will have your lips looking luscious for hours on end, try the Stay Cheerful shade from the Lipfinity range. Looking so good with this little effort should certainly put a smile on your face, which might even last as long as your lipstick.