Meet the people from our Donor Survey. This month: Clive

ddr-cliveGive as you Live’s Donor Survey polled over 8,000 charity supporters in 2012, to investigate the way people give to charity online.

After crunching the results of the survey, we discovered many different types of online giver – and six key figures who kept appearing again and again.

We’ve already met wealthy professional Jacquelineaffluent oldie MargaretRachel from the squeezed middle, and young starter Neil. The fifth of key six Donor Survey personas to be put under the spotlight is Clive:

Clive – industrial heartlands

8% of the respondents –11.1% of the population

Clive has been a train driver for 25 years. He lives with his wife and their daughter in a small but comfortable terraced house. He is a gardening enthusiast and rents an allotment in his town.

Although Clive would say he is a technophobe, he is anything but. He uses the internet for his banking, to book holidays and buy Christmas gifts. He doesn’t, however, use the internet for social media.

Clive has sponsored people through online giving websites, and he has occasionally donated via text message, although the main channels through which he donates are traditional offline channels.

Online, Clive shops at Homebase, Tesco, Thomas Cook, Asda, Amazon and Sky.

Clive is the least likely to use social media; however, he is the fourth most likely to access the internet through a tablet device.

Here’s an infographic which displays Clive’s information visually (click to enlarge):

Give as you Live donor survey: meet Clive