Meet the people from our Donor Survey. This month: Marie

Give as you Live donor survey: MarieGive as you Live’s Donor Survey polled over 8,000 charity supporters in 2012, to investigate the way people give to charity online.

After crunching the results of the survey, we discovered many different types of online giver – and six key figures who kept appearing again and again.

We’ve already met industrial-heartland Clivewealthy professional Jacquelineaffluent oldie MargaretRachel from the squeezed middle, and young starter Neil. The sixth and final Donor Survey persona to be put under the spotlight is Marie:


Marie – comfortable families

31% of the respondents – 31% of the population

Marie lives in with her husband Andrew and their two children. They both work in local government. Marie works part-time and her husband works full-time to balance childcare costs. Marie is a family woman. She tries to do something fun with the family each weekend. Her mother lives close by and loves to babysit for them.

She is a keen social media user, using Facebook and Twitter to catch up with old friends, and Marie has recently become a very active Pinterest user.

Marie uses a laptop computer as the family computer and accesses the internet via her smartphone regularly, too.

Online she shops at Sainsbury’s, Asos, Mothercare, Monsoon, Kiddecare, and M&S.

She is less likely to donate via text message or by sponsoring a friend for an event, but as she is an active online shopper, she uses Give as you Live to raise extra money for her favourite charity.

The Donor Survey reveals that Marie is one of the least likely people to give via direct debit but is more likely than Rachel to give in response to an email appeal.

Here’s an infographic which displays Marie’s information visually (click to enlarge):

Give as you Live Donor Survey: Meet Marie