Meet the team, introducing Graham

Graham beale-22-2


Graham started at Give as you Live four months ago as the Head of User Experience. He is busy planning future releases of Give as you Live and incorporating your feedback and experiences to make it an increasingly understandable, satisfying service. Previously he worked at Daily Telegraph, BBC, Yahoo!, Symantec and lived in London for over ten years. He’s now living back in the West Country and is currently on standby to become a dad for the first time this month.



Last item bought: 

A Grohe Thermostatic Shower Mixer bar from Amazon.

I recently had a new gas boiler fitted which somehow (God knows how!) made my old shower malfunction and run cold at random intervals. I figured I should fix this before I receive complaints.

This purchase raised £3.13 for my supported charity, RNIB. I support them because I have found their support on web accessibility principles invaluable.

Most wanted item:

I love gadgets and I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to get technology into my life. Having recently bought a new home, I’m quite keen on trying out It’s a new way of adding keyless-security to your home. You can allow guests access into your house simply by authorising them via an iPhone app. The only downside is that you can’t allow anyone in who doesn’t have an iPhone…well, maybe this isn’t a downside

Favourite new store: 

My favourite store is They made it really easy for me to replace the tires on my car with new energy efficient ones. I’m now doing 4/5 more miles on every gallon. This, I’m very sad to report, makes me very excited.