Michael Mcintyre: Showtime – review of reviews

Who doesn’t love a good comedy DVD in their stocking at Christmas time? Perfect to fill the gaps of boredom after the initial excitement of Christmas Day is over with. Once of the most recent DVDs to be released is Michael Mcintyre’s Showtime.

To avoid those awkward silences when none of the family think the DVD is funny, we’ve pulled together a review of reviews, so that you can make an informed decision of whether or not to buy it.


Review of reviews: funny stuff or total guff?

Here’s what The Telegraph thought:

“He essentially does more of what he’s best known for – expertly physicalised patter about everyday matters. He reflects, too, that side of ourselves we’d like to laugh at more: prone to embarrassment, insecurity, childish thoughts and mushy emotion.

More observations of that kind about this most peculiar year would be nice, but big-hearted Michael Mac is very welcome back all the same. The boyo done good so far.”

Chortle were also impressed:

Unfairly derided by comedy’s self-appointed cool kids, Michael McIntyre has proved he can do the business, both metaphorically and literally.

His fans will understandably love this disc, as the waves of laughs that swell around the massive O2 attest – and his material works on screen as well, if not better, than it does live, given the lack of intimacy in the venues he plays. But McIntyre-sceptics might also find plenty to enjoy, and not just from seeing a master technician at work.

Here’s what some customers on Amazon thought after they purchased it:

“Such a tonic, ought to be free on the NHS!”

“The show was side-splittingly funny. Most of the people around me seemed to be on the verge of keeling over in fits of laughter for the majority of the show.”

“Michael had me in hysterics within the first five minutes, and I was crying with laughter for the next two hours!”

Give as you Live review of reviews verdict:

Five out of five, based on reviews. We’ve also been watching some clips from the DVD –  our favourite is below.(Please be aware this clip does include some mild “bad language”.)



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