Money saving tips for booking flights

booking-flightsWhen it comes to donating to charity you can really reach for the skies with Give as you Live!

If you’re thinking of booking a holiday and booking flights did you know over 30 of the leading providers will donate to your charity at no extra cost?

You don’t need to book them in a different way or pay any extra, all you need to do add Give as you Live to your browser and a percentage of your flight cost will be donated to your chosen charity!

Tips on how to get the best deal when booking flights

Book early

If you can only go away in the school holidays or are able to set your holiday leave aside, then it is always best to book your flights as early as possible to get the cheapest deal – ideally you want to be booking your flights 3 to 6 months in advance.

Buy late

On the other end of the spectrum is buying late, but you cannot always be guaranteed the exact flight you want and may have to make exceptions.  Airlines always try and fill flights, so will sell off any spare seats at cheaper prices for last minute purchases.

Do your research

Shop around for the best deal, lots of website often advertise the same flight at different prices. A great little tool is Skyscanner that will search all major airline providers and update you of price increases and decreases on your selected flights.


Donates up to 0.62%


Donates up to 1.75%


Donates up to 2.50%


Donates up to 1.00%


Donates up to 6.50%


Donates up to 0.45%


Donates up to 3.50%


Donates up to £4.00


Donates up to 0.75%


Donates up to 0.75%


Donates up to £3.00


Donates up to 1.25%


Donates up to 6.00%


Donates up to 2.75%


Donates up to£1.50