Mother Nature’s Free Autumn Adventure

Don’t feel sad that the summer is coming to an end. Embrace the autumn and make the most of the outdoor adventure opportunities on offer before the weather turns colder still.

Make the most of weekends with your children and protect your budget by heading to your nearest woodland, where there are more things to see and do than you could manage in a year, let alone one day.


Be Prepared | Log on to the Woodland Trust’s website before you go for some great ideas for making more of your trip than simply walking aimlessly. Children will love the spotter sheets, which transform an adult’s mid-afternoon meander into an exciting treasure hunt — one that doesn’t even need you to hide the prize, as Mother Nature has done that already.

Continue on the hunting theme and pick up the Animals, Tracks and Signs book from Hive. You kids will love turning nature detective and following the leads to finding bunny holes and badger setts.

Just make sure you keep track of what they are up to, as you don’t want them to cause any damage, and make sure you take along some hand-cleaning gel as you never know what they may pick up on their journey. Buy Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel from Chemist Direct

Going on a Bug Hunt | Give them a magnifying glass and set them on a bug hunt. Just make sure you look first before you take something they offer you from their hand. Many a mum has expected to be given a flower, only to find a big hairy spider sitting in their palm.

Your day of fun does not have to end when you get home either, especially if you spend a little bit of time collecting some of nature’s treasures before leaving the woods. Get out some large pieces of card and spend time creating an autumn collage or teach your children the art of leaf rubbing. How about a game of conkers? Pick some blackberries and make a pie, or get ahead with next year’s harvest by planting seeds. The kids will love seeing their plants grow and eating the products at the end. For once, they may not even moan about having to eat ‘yukky’ vegetables or ‘foul’ fruit.