How much could I save with a smart thermostat?

Would you like to control your heating from your phone or tablet?

Did you know smart thermostats are the latest in innovative heating control systems? But I bet you didn’t know how much they could benefit you…Well having the ability to control a home’s temperature could be useful to those with hectic schedules.

Firstly you might be asking what a smart thermostat is.

It’s a device which is responsible for controlling your heating at home, all you need to do is use an app on a smartphone, desktop or tablet to control your heating. The best part about it is if you go on holiday or a weekend away and you forget to turn your heating off you can do it remotely. They also provide you with data with how much energy consumption you use and will also help you work out how to save energy.

Take a look at these top 6 benefits over more traditional devices:

• Keep an eye on your home remotely with the app
• Get email alerts if your home temperature fluctuates out of the set range
• Save energy and reduce costs
• Analyze your monthly usage
• Monitor outdoor conditions
• Even set a holiday mode!

How do they work?

With a smart thermostat it will show you your energy consumption and you could change your heating as much as you want in real-time and this could help you save money. After a certain amount of time the temperature may adjust due to how often you have it on and off throughout the day.

The cost and how much you could save:

In regards to the thermostat each device is different and can do various jobs but usually the pricing is £200-£300. According to Tado, they say you can save up to 31% on your heating costs and British gas’ Hive active heating say you can switch your heating on and off, up or down. If you want to extend your heating outside your usual schedule just by using the boost button.

They are relatively easy to install too, just make sure you read the instructions carefully and grab a buddy who can help you set it up.