My Give as you Live Experience

I always thought online shopping was just about buying clothes online, something I never do. It wasn’t until I started to Give as you Live that I realised how much money I actually do spend online.

With family abroad, it would never occur to me to book a flight anywhere other than online. Tickets for concerts, really heavy grocery items I order online and have delivered, and even my travel insurance I buy online. It wasn’t until I started raising money from all of these things that I realised how much I actually was spending online.

After I figured out how easy it was I ended up doing a lot of Christmas shopping online. I hate rushing home on the tube with big bags, bumping into people. This way, I didn’t even have to get dressed, and I raised £8.20 for Medecins Sans Frontieres without spending a penny more. Here’s what I bought:

  • A Hobbs dress on sale – I had seen this dress in the shop and hesitated, an amateur shopping mistake. A quick look online and there it was, on sale, in my size and I didn’t even have to carry it home!
  • An electric blanket from John Lewis for cosy winter nights in front of the TV
  • A remote controlled helicopter for my fiancée
  • A silly mug for my dad
  • And all of my stocking stuffers (the Garlic Zoom was a huge hit) from

All in all, I spent about £250 this Christmas online and was able to donate 3.3% of everything I bought. I didn’t compromise in my shopping at all. I knew where I wanted to shop and I loved how the App just appeared to let me know that I was able to raise funds on that site. In terms of time, I raised nearly £10 with about a second’s worth of effort. Now if only I was worth that much in my day to day job…

Erin, London

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