My Give As You Live Experience: Mother’s Day

In honour of my first Mother’s Day, I decided to celebrate with a little retail therapy. I wanted to buy something that would last and remind me of my daughter, Ava, but that would also be an indulgence.

During the recent House of Fraser sale, I went online to browse the jewellery and home sections before ultimately succumbing to my fine china obsession. After some debate, I settled on two beautiful tea cups and saucers I’d been coveting and that completed a collection. In the years to come I hope Ava and I will use the cups to enjoy afternoon tea together and create some special memories.

Mothering Sunday also made me think of my own Mum and why I’ve chosen to donate to Cancer Research UK. Recently diagnosed with breast cancer, she was fortunate that the disease was caught early and has been given a very positive prognosis. My Dad, on the other hand, was not so lucky and passed away far too young after a long battle with cancer. Knowing how prevalent cancer is, and how indiscriminately it strikes, I’ve chosen to make it my cause.

Cancer has had a significant impact on my life and so for me, at this moment, it’s what I’m choosing to support. Regardless of each individual’s personal story, what’s exciting about Give as you Live™ is that it makes its possible to donate – to a variety of worthwhile causes – a daily habit. With each online purchase I feel glad to be giving a little something back.