My Give as you Live experience – supporting Kids Kidney Research

Eight years ago my younger brother had an accident when we were on holiday and ruptured one of his kidneys. He was in a hospital abroad for three months in intensive care and it was a terrifying time for my family. Since then I have supported Kids Kidney Research, which helps to find treatments for child kidney diseases and researches ways to heal damaged kidneys. The work that the charity does is helping us to better understand kidney problems and essentially saves people’s lives, like my brother’s. In my eyes it is an extremely important cause and one which I will continue to support.

Since starting a full time job after university I haven’t had a lot of spare time to go shopping, which has always been a massive hobby of mine! However, I recently became aware of a new online shopping app called Give as you Live. I downloaded it in seconds and now every time I buy something online I can raise much needed funds for Kids Kidney Research at the same time. At first I couldn’t believe that I could donate without actually giving extra money, but it really is that simple. It’s a great feeling to see my giving total increasing, knowing that I’m helping to fund vital research.

For a mother’s day present, my brother and I are buying our mum a handbag she’s been hinting at from M&S. If I buy it online I can also give just over £1 to Kids Kidney Research through Give as you Live, without doing anything different! The app enables me to feed my shopping habit and support my favourite charity. It’s a no-brainer.

Anna Heaton