My Give as you Live Experience

I would like to share my experience of using the Give as you Live App. I have never considered myself a great online shopper – however in just 4 weeks I have raised over £44 for charity and bought just what I needed.

I started using the full version of the Give as you Live App as soon as it went live in December. In just a few days I was able to finish all my shopping without even leaving my office. I bought:

  • A selection of great gifts from John Lewis
  • 3 remote control helicopters for my god children and my husband from which were a huge success
  • A laptop for my daughter from PC world
  • Princess pictures for other daughter
  • A pin board from DIY tools
  • And even a few new clothes from the White Company in the January Sales for me – a guilty confession.

The thing that delighted me about using Give as you Live was how easy it was to compare products while still using Google – I could even see pictures as I searched. I loved that I could compare prices and even how much I was able to donate right from the App. And as I got more comfortable with the App I started just going straight to my favourite shops and waiting for the notice to appear telling me if I could Give as you Live on the site. When I could, I felt like I had won – I’ll admit it was a little bit thrilling to see it all working.

The result was an organised Christmas, a very happy family, much less stress, good deals and £44 donated to The Starlight Foundation without spending any additional cash.

I have to confess to being hooked and have now started buying things online that I would usually go to the shops for – I just love seeing my Give as you Live total go up.

I am delighted. Please share your Give as you Live experiences by contributing to this blog. Just email

The more we share Give as you Live, the more we can all raise. Remember to share the App in one easy step.

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