My Skateboarding Dog

Helliwell the Siberian Husky

This is our beautiful dog Helliwell; he’s a 2 year old Siberian Husky and has bags of energy. Naturally, being a husky, he likes to pull things. Me and my boyfriend usually take him round the park at the weekend and let him pull us on a skateboard… and boy can he pull.

If you have ever seen a husky in action, they are pretty fast – a top speed of 28mph! Unfortunately we can’t let him off the lead as he runs away and we can’t run at 28mph to catch him, so letting him run round the park whilst pulling us is a great way to give him the exercise he needs.

The adrenaline rush is huge when you’re on the skateboard; the problem comes when you need to stop. Because Helliwell runs so fast and the skateboard has no brakes, you have to jump off the skateboard at a high speed.

Therefore, we have been saving up for mountain board – which is like a skateboard, but it has wheels that can go on all terrain, you are strapped in and it also has a brake!

Mountain boards are pretty expensive, so I have been searching the web to find a cheap one. At, I found one for £149.99, which is a bargain, as they are normally priced at around £250.

It turns out RouteOne is a Give as you Live store, so not only do we get to take part in our very own extreme dog walking, but I also get to raise money towards my fundraising for the marathon I’m running in October for Tommy’s.

Moving out of my parents last October, has left me a bit strapped for cash so being able to raise money towards my fundraising target for Tommy’s at no cost to myself is a huge help. Especially when having saved for so long for a mountain board, it’s excellent that Tommy’s will get £5.99 from through Give as you Live.