Need help with Social Media?

Managing your social media can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what your doing…

We’re here offer our top tips on how to make it easier.

Top tips for Twitter:

  • Do – keep the tweet short and sweet, sticking to the 140 character limit.
  • Do –shorten the URL link (find out how here) as it can sometimes take up to 50 of your characters. By shortening links, you can reduce this so it only takes up 15-20.
  • Don’t – Use a #Hashtag or @username at the beginning of your tweets. If you do, only the person following you and the person you are replying to will see the tweet.
  • Don’t – Tweet all at once – stick to 3-7 times spread throughout the day. This will hook your followers more and get an increased chance of retweets and likes.

Top tips for Facebook:

  • Do – Use bright and bold images to catch attention. Keep test to a minimum on your images, Facebook have strict rules about this when you want to use an image to advertise to new followers.
  • Do – Consider your choice of tone that reflects your business well – Funny, Chatty or Formal?
  • Don’t – Be slow on responding. Even if it’s positive or negative, you should respond, if you don’t it can seem like you are ignoring them and this can create more anger or disappointment.
  • Don’t -Leave out any relevant information – let everyone know who you are and what your about.

Top tips for Instagram:

  • Do – Make sure that you use relevant hashtags that describe your photo.
  • Do – Post at the right time, the best times are before work in the morning and after work in the evening. These peak times ensure you can grab the audience’s attention.
  • Don’t – Over post, it can come across to keen and your audience will gradually lose interest.
  • Don’t – Forget to add a caption for every post as it lets the audience understand what the image is about.

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