New Give as you Live extensions for Firefox and Safari

**New version for Safari as well as Firefox released**

We always try to give the best possible experience for Give as you Live shoppers, whichever browser they’re using to shop online. So it’s with great pleasure that we announce the new Give as you Live add-ons for Mozilla Firefox and Safari (beta).

Some things are the same: every time you buy something from over 2,150 online retailers, you can still raise up to 8% of the label price for your favourite UK charity – without it costing you a penny more.

But some things have changed (for the better, we hope!)

What’s new?

We’ve been listening very closely to your feedback on the Give as you Live extensions. We trialled some new features in Chrome earlier in the year, and they proved very popular – so now we’ve made them available for Firefox and Safari users too:

  • No pop-up when you visit stores – instead there’s a discreet bar
  • The bar lets you clearly know whether Give as you Live is activated or not, alongside your supported charity and fundraising total
  • Give as you Live retailers are flagged up from within search results rather than in the sidebar

[nggallery id=1]


We hope your online shopping experience will now be that bit more seamless and rewarding. We’ll also be including these features in an updated extension for Internet Explorer soon, so if Microsoft is your choice for surfing the web, please stay tuned.

You can download the new Give as you Live extension for Firefox or Safari here.

In the meantime, if there are any further features you’d like to see in the Give as you Live download, please let us know by commenting below or emailing

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    Stephen Goodridge

    3 August, 2012 at 16:35

    Hi, I finally just downloaded the new Chrome app and it looks great. It is extremely easy to use and the toolbar is a fantastic idea. I am just a bit frustrated as I have been asking when this would be ready for ages and believe I also registered to be informed of the new extension. As a shareholder I am biassed but I do feel that you should be marketing more to your user base than you are. Given that anyone who is signed up is by definition someone who cares about helping others I don’t think people would find an email a month intrusive. You could at least do one and just give them the ability to easily opt out. I mentioned this to a colleague of yours regarding various offers at GAYL that she had researched that I thought would be of interest to people. YOu could have a list of types of offer that people could tick. Anyway, great extension. My wife just said “Wow!” and she’s no geek. A bit of a shame you have to click on the app every time you visit the site but it’s not onerous. Thanks and keep it up, Steve Goodridge

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      James, Everyclick

      3 August, 2012 at 17:30

      Thanks Steve – great to hear the positive feedback. We’ve sent an email out to all previous users of Give as you Live in Firefox and will be making further announcements to all of our shoppers as time goes on.

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